Making musical instruments

As part of our work on our senses, we have been finding out about our sense of hearing. The children made their own musical instruments with cylinders and rice. They chose from different options when it came to sealing the ends. They had a lot of fun playing with them afterwards!

A Squash and a Squeeze

Today in maths, we read the story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ and acted it out with some small world characters. The children used mathematical vocabulary such as: more, most, full, few, less and fewest to describe how full the house was at different points in the story. They enjoyed playing with the characters and retelling the story too!

Our Senses

This week in reception, we are learning about our senses. Today was all about our sense of smell. We listened to a fun song about our senses then talked about which part of our bodies we use to smell. The children were given pots containing mystery items to smell. They made some great guesses at what was inside.

Then the children took turns to use some of the same ingredients to make ‘smelly soup.’ They used: lemon, lime, orange, mint, peppermint and vinegar. It was lots of fun!

Reception have had a brilliant start to their time at Milecastle. They have settled so well and have already impressed us all. They have had lots of fun…

being active…
making friends…
visiting the library…

and even visiting church to celebrate the Harvest Festival.

Well done everyone!


All our ladybirds have emerged from their pupa and are fully grown. We watched ‘Teeny Tiny Creatures’ to find out more about ladybirds and wrote some ladybird facts. The children were surprised to find out there were hundreds and thousands of ladybirds all over the world and that they can be many different colours! They can have many different spots on their back. We enjoyed gently holding them and then finding a nice green leaf to put them on. Hopefully they will find some aphids in our garden to feed on.

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